Alarms and events

Types of alarms

The Velostrata plug-in adds two alarm definitions to vSphere:

  • Velostrata Alarm for 'VirtualMachine'
  • Velostrata Alarm for 'Velostrata Cloud Extension'

Migrate for Compute Engine triggers an alarm in vCenter whenever a Cloud Extension for a particular data center is in an Impaired state. The alarm is cleared when the Cloud Extension returns to an Active state.

If a node on a Cloud Extension stops or becomes unavailable, which degrades write performance, Migrate for Compute Engine raises an alarm for any VM using that Cloud Extension.

Displaying alarms

To display alarms:

  1. Open the vSphere console.
  2. Choose your datacenter, then select the Monitor tab.
  3. Click the Tasks & Events button.
  4. If it is shown, click Events to the left of the event list.
  5. To filter the list, type Velostrata into the Filter box in the upper right-hand corner. Alarms appear in the Type column of the Events screen.