Deleting a test clone

Once you have completed system testing with your test clones, you can delete them.

Deleting the test clone has no impact whatsoever on the source platform from which you created them. Changes made to data in the test clone at the Compute Engine destination are not replicated back to the source platform.

Deleting test clone using the Migrate for Compute Engine Manager

You can delete test clones that are part of waves from the Migrate for Compute Engine Manager:

  1. From the Start New Job page, select the runbook with test clones running.
  2. Change the operation to Delete Clone
  3. Click Start.

Deleting test clones using VMware vCenter

To delete a test clone:

  1. Sign in to vSphere vCenter.
  2. Select Datacenter > Migrate for Google Compute Engine > Delete Clone.
  3. Confirm the deletion by entering the number that appears next to the box.
  4. Click OK.

    You must enter the number from the box on the bottom of the screen to delete the clone

The status of deleting the test clone can be viewed on the vSphere Task Console, or on the Cloud Instance Information portlet on the VM Summary page.

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