Adaptation scripts overview

When you migrate a VM to the cloud, you may need to modify the original VM for it to operate properly within the constraints of the new environment. Migrate for Compute Engine handles many configurations automatically, but you may want to use other generic improvements or customer-specific configurations. These automatically implemented configurations are called "adaptations".

Migrate for Compute Engine provides flexibility for defining those actions by including generic code to execute scripts based on the provided conditions and order. Migrate for Compute Engine can provide the scripts and deploy them as a part of RPM/Migrate for Compute Engine service, or you can deploy them yourself.

The Migrate for Compute Engine model contains two entities:

  • Conditions are VM states, such as "VM is started in cloud running with Migrate for Compute Engine", "Detached VM is started in cloud," and "VM is moved back to its origin".
  • Actions are the scripts that are executed when the condition holds.

Platform and Environment Detection

Migrate for Compute Engine automatically detects the following environments:

  • On-premises (VMware)
  • Cloud (GCP + Migrate for Compute Engine)
  • Detached (GCP Native)

After detecting the environment, Migrate for Compute Engine decides which adaptations to make.

Next steps

Read about the OS adaptation scripts that Migrate for Compute Engine provides: