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Explore observability and monitoring in Google Cloud

Read documentation and Cloud Architecture Center articles about observability and monitoring products, capabilities, and procedures.

Observability in Google Cloud

Monitoring, logging, tracing, profiling, and debugging for observability.

Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus

Collect Prometheus metrics for your workloads.

Instrumentation and observability

Collect telemetry from your applications with instrumentation.

Ops Agent overview

Collect telemetry from your Compute Engine instances.

Cloud Logging overview

Collect and manage logs with storage, search, analysis, and monitoring support.

Monitoring overview

Learn about Cloud Monitoring, the integrated monitoring service for Google Cloud.

Monitoring and logging resources

Plan your approach with Architecture Center resources across a variety of monitoring and logging topics. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

Hybrid and multicloud monitoring and logging patterns

Plan implementing monitoring and logging architectures for hybrid and multicloud deployments with these best practices. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

Training, blog articles, and more

Go to training courses, blog articles, and other related resources.

Troubleshooting distributed applications: using traces and logs together for root-cause analysis

View how to troubleshoot distributed applications by using Cloud Trace and Cloud Logging together. (Goes to Google Cloud blog.)

Exploring Google Cloud's Log Analytics: must-have tools for cloud security professionals

View how to have access to detailed logs of events and activities within your cloud environment. (Goes to external website.)

Effective alerting in Google Cloud

View how the relevance of what we are monitoring can help us support triage in advance. (Goes to Google Cloud blog.)

Google Cloud synthetic monitoring tutorial

View step by step instructions on how you can get started with Google Cloud synthetic monitoring. (Goes to external website.)

Gleaning security insights from Audit Logs with Log Analytics

View how Cloud Audit logs can help customers meet their compliance and security requirements. (Goes to Google Cloud blog.)

Four steps to managing your Cloud Logging costs on a budget

View these best practices to learn how to get the most out of your Google Cloud and third-party logging tools. (Goes to Google Cloud blog.)

Observability in Google Cloud

Study how to use application performance management tools, including Error Reporting, Cloud Trace, and Cloud Profiler. (Goes to Skills Boost Training.)

DevOps engineer and SRE learning path

Study how to implement efficient and reliable efficient and reliable software delivery and infrastructure management. (Goes to Skills Boost Training.)

Observability and monitoring products by use case

Expand sections or use the filter to find products and guides for typical use cases.

Observability and monitoring

Integrated monitoring, logging, and trace managed services for applications and systems running on Google Cloud and beyond.

Google Cloud Observability

Monitor, log, trace, and profile your apps and services.

Cloud Logging

Store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on log data and events from Google Cloud and AWS.

Cloud Monitoring

Analyze, monitor, and display the performance data collected from your applications and the Google Cloud services that you use.

Cloud Trace

Find performance bottlenecks in production.

Error Reporting

Identify and understand application errors.

Observability optimization

Continuous profiling of production systems for large-scale operations.

Cloud Profiler

Continuously gather performance information using a low-impact CPU and heap profiling service.

Guides and blog posts

Observability for GKE

Understand the health of your applications and maintain application availability and reliability.

Virtual machine instances

Use Compute Engine instances that run the public images for Linux and Windows Server that Google provides, or that run your own private custom images.

Observe and monitor Compute Engine VMs

Access and view virtual machine (VM) metrics.

Cloud Functions overview

Build and connect cloud services in a serverless execution environment.

Write Prometheus metrics from Cloud Run

Use the Prometheus sidecar to get Prometheus-style monitoring for Cloud Run services.


Learn how to use Terraform to reliably provision infrastructure on Google Cloud.

App Hub

Discover and organize infrastructure resources into applications.

Moving to Log Analytics for BigQuery export users

View a post for migrating from BigQuery log sink to Log Analytics.

Creating custom notifications with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Run

Learn how to deliver Cloud Monitoring alert notifications to third-party services that don't have supported notification channels.

APIs and reference

gcloud logging

Manage Cloud Logging.

gcloud monitoring

Manage Monitoring dashboards.

Monitoring APIs and reference

View a list of the available monitoring APIs and reference content.

Logging APIs and reference

View a list of the available logging APIs and reference content.