Google Cloud Dataflow Partnerships and Integrations

Google Cloud Platform partners have integrated Dataflow with some of the industry-leading products for data analysis and processing. Integrations are done with the open APIs provided by Google Cloud Dataflow.

Google Cloud Dataflow Service Integrations

The combination of Tamr and Google Cloud Dataflow addresses a core business need: A flexible and powerful way for analysts to find, unify and clean data from many disparate sources — all in a cloud setting with minimal coding required by end users and limited direct support by IT. Learn more.

Salesforce Wave Analytics is specifically designed for the front office sales, service or marketing user. It extends customers' Salesforce investment by allowing any employee to instantly analyze data and take action on any device. Using Google Cloud Dataflow, Wave Analytics provide an end to end platform for businesses to analyze massive amounts of customer data — such as purchases, ad spend, mobile app usage - to optimize every customer interaction. Learn more.

ClearStory complements Dataflow’s developer-driven approach with built-in automated semantic profiling of diverse data and data blending capabilities. Together, the combined solution offers speed, scale, and simplified visual data analysis for analysts, and business users. Learn more.

springML provides you with a library of industry vertical solutions building on Google Cloud Dataflow for large data processing, ETL, and Salesforce Wave for visualization. Learn more, or view on GitHub.

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK Runners

Flink’s core is a streaming processing engine that provides data distribution, communication, and fault tolerance for distributed computations over data streams. Flink-Dataflow is a Google Dataflow Runner for Apache Flink. It enables you to run Dataflow programs with Flink as an execution engine. Learn more, or view on GitHub.

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