Dataflow partnerships and integrations

Google Cloud partners have integrated Dataflow with some of the industry-leading products for data analysis and processing. Integrations are done with the open APIs provided by Dataflow.

Dataflow service integrations

Confluent logo

Confluent Cloud is a fully managed streaming data service based on open source Apache Kafka. Engineers who want to build streaming applications can get started in minutes with a fully built Kafka cluster and related services. Offering the highest SLA in the industry and backed by the deep experience of the creators of Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud enables you to deploy your business-critical applications at any scale and in full confidence. Dataflow offers full integration with Apache Kafka as a source/sink for streaming pipelines, and Confluent Cloud can help further reduce management overhead for your streaming infrastructure.

Talend logo

Talend Cloud delivers a single platform for simple and complex data integration tasks across public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as on-premises environments, and enables greater collaboration between IT and business teams. Combined with self-service solutions and hundreds of pre-built connectors from SaaS applications, Talend allows you to cost-effectively meet the demands of ever-increasing data volumes, users, and use cases. Talend Cloud gives developers a visual editor to construct data pipelines executed with the Dataflow service.

Snowplow logo

With Snowplow, you can collect rich, high-quality event data from all your platforms and products. Your data is available in real time and is delivered to BigQuery or your data warehouse of choice where it can easily be joined with other datasets and used to power BI tools, custom reports, or machine learning models.

The Snowplow pipeline uses Dataflow for data processing and runs in your Google Cloud project, giving you complete ownership and control of your data. See an end-to-end example here.

Dataflow SDK Runners

Ververica logo

Ververica enables stream analytics for the masses through its open source platform, Apache Flink, a stream processing engine that provides data distribution, communication, and fault tolerance for distributed computations over data streams. Apache Flink provides a portable back end for your programs written in Apache Beam, the open source SDK for Dataflow. Learn more about the Flink runner here, or view on GitHub.