Convert and migrate Oracle workloads to PostgreSQL with an integrated experience. Read the blog.
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Database Migration Service

Database Migration Service

Simplify migrations to the cloud. Available now for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases.

  • Migrate to open source databases in the cloud from on-premises, Google Cloud, or other clouds

  • Replicate data continuously for minimal downtime migrations

  • Seamlessly convert your schemas and code

  • Serverless and easy to set up


Simplified migration

Start migrating in just a few clicks with a single, integrated conversion and migration experience. Reduced migration complexity means you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud sooner.

Minimal downtime

Enjoy a fully-managed service that migrates your database with minimal downtime. Serverless migrations are highly performant at scale and can take an initial snapshot followed by continuous data replication.

Fast track to Cloud SQL and AlloyDB

Get the operational benefits of the open, standards-based Cloud SQL and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL services with enterprise availability, stability, and security you can trust for your most critical workloads.