Google Cloud Support plans

Protect your cloud investment and improve business operations for GCP and Google Workspace with support plans from the Cloud Customer Care Portfolio.

Cloud Customer Care benefits

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Prevent downtime and issues

Cloud Customer Care can help prevent issues from occurring in the first place. Our team helps identify improvements to achieve long-term success and avoid system downtime.

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Get more from your technology

Cloud Customer Care offers intelligent systems to ease your support experience through different platforms and multiple cloud providers.

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Drive digital transformation

Invest in modernizing your cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re facing a technical challenge or transforming your business, Cloud Customer Care is here to help with your journey in the cloud.

Cloud Customer Care options

Get Cloud Customer Care for GCP or Google Workspace separately or as a bundle covering both products.

Role based support

Customer Care for GCP and Google Workspace

The Customer Care Portfolio combines GCP and Google Workspace customer support to minimize downtime and strengthen operational integration.

Get special bundle pricing

Bundle pricing offers a single base fee for Google Workspace and GCP while maintaining 4% variable usage pricing per product. The Premium Support bundle can significantly reduce costs versus purchasing GCP and Google Workspace Support separately.

Combine your support experience

Consolidate your Customer Care plans for GCP and Google Workspace into a single support experience. Get services, systems, execution and SLOs expectations for GCP and Google Workspace.

Premium Support features

Users with a Premium Support plan get access to these features and services for GCP and Google Workspace.

P1 response SLO

Quickly resolve issues with 15-min SLOs (service-level objectives) for P1 cases.

Technical account management

Work with a Technical Account Manager (TAM), a trusted technical advisor, focused on operational rigor and platform health.

Cloud Support API

Integrate your system with GCP for more efficient issue resolution.

Third-party technology support

Get help setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting third-party systems. Learn more about third-party technology support here.

Operational health reviews

Work with us to identify ways to improve your operations and support experience.

Context-aware expertise

Efficiently monitor and resolve issues with Support that’s already familiar with your business systems.

Event management services

Team up with the Cloud Customer Care team to prepare your systems for heavy workloads.


Access hundreds of Google Cloud training labs in the Qwiklabs learning platform.

New product previews

Access Google Cloud’s solutions up to 20+ months in advance and test upcoming features.

Ongoing improvements

Customers can look forward to updates, including new Premium Support features.

Support plans

Cloud Customer Care gives you two support plans to choose from.

Role-Based Support

For GCP customers only.

Get free Google Workspace Support here.

Premium Support

Premium Support is available for GCP, Google Workspace, or both products bundled.


Billing support and read-only access to break/fix cases


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In-depth investigation and response for developers


per month/user

Pricing example
For 2 development roles:
2 x $100 = $200
Total per month: $200
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Fast, thorough response for those managing live solutions


per month/user

Pricing example
For 2 development roles and 3 production roles:
2 x $100 = $200
3 x $250 = $750
Total per month: $950
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Premium Support

Premium Support and 15-min response time for P1 cases

Pricing example
Bundle price:
Base fee of $150K/ yr. + 4% of GCP net spend + 4% of Google Workspace Editions spend
For GCP only Base fee of $150K/ yr. + 4% of net spend
For Google Workspace only, $150K/ yr. + 4% of Edition spend
  • Case, phone, and chat support for billing issues only
  • Four-hour P2 response time
  • Cases for technical support
  • Cases, phone, and chat for billing support
  • 24/5 for high-impact issues
  • One-hour response time*
  • Cases and phone support for technical issues
  • Cases, phone, and chat for billing support
  • 24/5 for high-impact issues
  • 24/7 for critical-impact issues
  • Technical support escalations
  • 15-minute response time*
  • 24/7 for critical-impact issues
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Context-aware expertise
  • Intelligent systems
  • Operational health reviews
  • Event management service
  • Training
  • New products previews
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*These SLOs are representative of P1 cases only, review the terms of service for more details.

Language Support and Working Hours

Learn more about GCP Support languages availability and working hours for English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

Learn more about Google Workspace standard Support hours and languages here.

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Role-Based Support

Fast and expert support for developers and production managers.

Premium Support

Business-critical support with technical account management.