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GCS Online Cloud Import


GCS Online Cloud Import enables you to import large amounts of online data into Google Cloud Storage, quickly and cost-effectively. With GCS Online Cloud Import, you can transfer data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and HTTP/HTTPS servers. Features of GCS Online Cloud Import include the ability for you to schedule transfers and transfer only new data from the source (i.e., synchronization from the data source to Google Cloud Storage). To use GCS Online Cloud Import, please fill in the interest form below and Google Cloud Storage will be in touch with you within a few days.

GCS Online Cloud Import provides a number of options that makes data transfers and synchronization easier: Not only can you create a one-time backup/transfer of your data to your Cloud Storage bucket, but you also can set a periodic scheduled synchronization from your cloud storage buckets across different storage providers to Google Cloud Storage. Additionally, you can custom configure your synchronization using a set of advanced filters based on file creation dates, file-name filters, and the times of day you prefer to import data. Once your data is synchronized, you will receive an email notification with a summary of the entire process.

For moderately-sized data transfers to GCS, you can use gsutil, a flexible command-line tool for working with Google Cloud Storage. With gsutil you can also work with Amazon S3 buckets, and transfer data from Amazon S3 to Google Cloud Storage using a daisy chain approach. For more information, see the help for the -D flag of the gsutil cp command.

To use GCS Online Cloud Import, you will need to be signed up to use Google Cloud Storage and have a bucket to which you can transfer data. For more information about signing up, see Activating Google Cloud Storage. For more information about creating a bucket using the Google Developers Console, see Creating a Bucket.


At this time, GCS Online Cloud Import is available for limited preview for all Google Cloud Storage customers. Please use the form below to request access.


GCS Online Cloud Import is free to use. Data transferred to Google Cloud Storage incurs no cost to you. Standard Google Cloud Storage pricing fees apply for requests, bandwidth, and storage related to subsequent use of the data.

Interest Form

The GCS Online Cloud Import feature for Google Cloud Storage is currently available for limited preview. If you’re interested in trying this feature, fill out this form and the Google Cloud Storage team will send you an invitation URL, detailed documentation, and licensing information. We reserve the right to rapidly evolve this feature during the limited preview timeframe.