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Introducing Storage Transfer Service for on-premises data

December 12, 2019
Ash Ahluwalia

Product Manager

There’s an enormous amount of data in the world today, and your company likely operates its own storage infrastructure to store this data. Running your business in the cloud can generate more value from your data and facilitate collaboration across your organization, all while optimizing for infrastructure costs. Before you can take advantage of all that cloud offers, though, you have to actually get your data to the cloud. That’s why we’ve developed a new software service that helps you accomplish large-scale, online data transfers: Transfer Service for on-premises data. This can help take the complexity out of data transfers and move data faster than existing online tools like gsutil.

Transfer Service for on-premises data is a managed solution that lets you move your data without needing to engineer your own custom software or invest in an off-the-shelf solution. Now, you can complete large-scale data transfers online, which scale to high-speed network connections—up to billions of files, multiple PB of data, and tens of Gbps. Transfer Service for on-premises data validates data integrity, so you can transfer with confidence. It’s also designed to be reliable and secure, so that if agent failures occur, in-progress transfers will not be impacted. And with performance optimizations included from the application to the transport layer, the service can use your available bandwidth to minimize transfer times. Plus, this service requires no code or maintenance, allowing your organization to focus on innovation, not operations. 

On-premises data transfers can be complex. “I see enterprises default to making their own custom solutions, which is a slippery slope as they can't anticipate the costs and long-term resourcing,” says Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. “With Transfer Service for on-premises data (beta), enterprises can optimize for TCO and reduce the friction that often comes with data transfers. This solution is a great fit for enterprises moving data for business-critical use cases like archive and disaster recovery, lift and shift, and analytics and machine learning."

Getting started with Transfer Service for on-premises data
Here’s how it works. First, install and start the on-premises software (the agent), then go to the Cloud Console and submit directories to transfer to Cloud Storage. When transferring data, the service will parallelize your transfer across many agents, and then coordinate these agents to transfer your data over a secure internet connection to Cloud Storage. Transfer Service for on-premises data also features a fully self-service GUI with detailed transfer logs so that you can create, monitor, and manage transfer jobs with confidence.

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Transfer Service for on-premises data is now available in beta for you to try. Learn more about how the service works and how to get started today.

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