Cloud Storage

Offline Disk Import


Offline Disk Import gives you an option to load data into Google Cloud Storage by sending Google physical hard disk drives (HDDs) of data which we load on your behalf. Using this option can be helpful if you’re limited to a slow, unreliable, or expensive Internet connection.

To use Offline Disk Import, please fill in the interest form below and Google Cloud Storage will be in touch with you within a few days. You will need to write your data to HDDs and then ship the HDDs to a Google disk-upload center using a mail carrier that supports tracking. For security during shipment, we strongly recommend that you encrypt the data on the disks. Upon receiving the disks, Google uploads the data into a Google Cloud Storage bucket that you designate. Because the data is loaded directly into Google's network, this approach might be faster or less expensive than transferring data over the Internet.


At this time, Offline Disk Import is available for limited preview for all Google Cloud Storage international customers with disk-upload centers in four countries: United States, Japan, India, and Switzerland. If you’re interested in using Offline Disk Import outside of those countries, please let us know by filling out the form below. Include your use-case and the data sizes you need to upload.


Offline Disk Import pricing is based on a flat fee of $80 per HDD, regardless of drive capacity, data size, disk-upload center location or location of the designated upload bucket. Standard Google Cloud Storage pricing fees apply for requests, bandwidth, and storage related to the upload and subsequent usage of the data.

Interest Form

The Offline Disk Import feature for Google Cloud Storage is currently available for limited preview. If you’re interested in trying out the feature, fill out this form and the Google Cloud Storage team will send you an invitation URL, detailed documentation, and licensing information. We reserve the right to rapidly evolve this feature during the limited preview timeframe.