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Data center migration into cloud

Whether you need to exit or reduce on-premises data centers, migrate workloads as is, modernize apps, or leave another cloud, we’ll work together to craft the right cloud migration solutions for you and your business.


Unlock Google Cloud’s performance, scale, and security for your business

Migrate to a more secure cloud

With full visibility into our system, Google Cloud helps minimize threats and secure your data across our data centers, hardware, and network cables.

Grow confidently on our purpose-built infrastructure

Google Cloud runs the same products and services that support over one billion users without compromising performance, agility, or cost.

Modernize at your own pace

Build, manage, and run modern hybrid applications on existing on-premises hardware or in multiple public clouds with Anthos.

As part of our holistic cloud migration and modernization program, Google Cloud RaMP (Rapid Migration Program), you can easily gain insight into your current landscape and estimate the total cost of migration with complimentary assessments from Google Cloud. Get a quick assessment on where you are in your cloud journey or sign up for a free, more comprehensive assessment of your IT landscape.  

Ready to dive in? Migration Center is Google Cloud's centralized, end-to-end hub for migration and modernization. Get started today or learn more with this 3-minute video

Key features

Craft the right data center migration plan for your business

From assessment to optimization, RaMP helps you navigate your data center migration to cloud more quickly and simply than you thought. 

Rehost: lift and shift

Make as few changes during the migration as possible, redeploying applications to the cloud without making substantial changes to how they are configured. It is the most straightforward cloud migration strategy where administrators just “lift” their applications, workloads, virtual machines, and server operating systems and “shift” them to the new operating model in the public cloud. 

Replatform: lift and optimize

The next step from a rehosting strategy, lifting the existing workloads and then optimizing them for the new cloud environment. For instance, a service may replatform a workload to the cloud to be able to take advantage of cloud-based microservice architecture, or containers in Kubernetes Engine. These applications will now have higher performance and more efficiency running in the cloud.

Refactor: move and improve

Taking applications and re-engineering them to be cloud-native, often changing the code of an application without altering its front-end behavior or experience. For example, a refactored application may be broken up from long strings of code into more modular pieces that can better take advantage of cloud capabilities, thus improving the performance of the code. 

Re-architect: continue to modernize

Similar to refactoring but instead of restructuring how the application’s code works, it changes how that code functions in order to optimize the application and take advantage of cloud-native properties like scalability, security, and agility. One example of re-architecting an application is to take one large, monolithic application and turn it into several independent microservices. 

Rebuild: fully cloud optimized

Take an application and rewrite it entirely for the cloud. It is often easier to build an application from scratch than it is to refactor its old code to work in a cloud environment. A rebuilding strategy allows an organization to plan from the ground up, choosing which cloud-native tools and capabilities to utilize from the beginning. 

Looking for more information? Visit our migration strategies or migration architecture center pages, or check out these 30 guides to find additional reference architectures, guidance, and best practices for building or migrating your workloads on Google Cloud. Need some personalized guidance? Contact us


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