Google Cloud and C3 AI just announced our partnership. Read the press release here.
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C3 AI on Google Cloud

Google Cloud and C3 AI are partnering to accelerate industry solutions that address real-world challenges in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, telecommunications, and more.


Accelerate your adoption of AI through industry solutions

Faster time to value

See tangible results quickly by deploying proven industry solutions that leverage C3 AI’s enterprise AI applications and Google Cloud’s AI, machine learning, and data analytics capabilities.

Democratize AI across your organization

Use low-code and no-code tools to customize and enhance models. This means a faster time to deployment and broader user access to build and deploy models across your organization. 

Leverage sophisticated AI capabilities

Gain accuracy, scale, and security by building on top of Google Cloud. C3 AI’s entire portfolio of Enterprise AI applications is now available on Google Cloud’s global, secure, and low-latency infrastructure.

Key features

Meet real-life industry challenges with proven applications

C3 AI’s applications leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure and data engines and both companies’ AI/ML capabilities.


Google Cloud and C3 AI applications can improve the reliability of assets and fleets with AI-powered predictive maintenance, improve your revenue and product forecasting accuracy, and bolster the sustainability of your manufacturing facilities and operations through optimized energy management.

Supply chain

Our solutions help supply-chain-reliant businesses understand risks in their supply networks, maximize their resilience, and optimize their inventory accordingly.

Financial services

Our solutions help financial services institutions modernize their cash management and lending processes and reduce customer churn.


Solutions to improve the availability of critical healthcare equipment through AI-powered asset readiness and preventative maintenance. industry solutions with Google Cloud

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Google Cloud’s data and AI solutions

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The full C3 AI Enterprise AI portfolio – including industry-specific AI Applications, C3 AI Suite®, C3 AI CRM, and C3 AI Ex Machina – is now available on Google Cloud’s secure, global, low-latency infrastructure. Run C3 AI on the industry’s cleanest cloud.