NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

A simple, fully managed file storage service integrated into the Google Cloud Platform with multi-protocol support, performance, and availability characteristics required to run enterprise and Windows applications seamlessly.

Net App

Move to Google Cloud 10X faster

NetApp and Google Cloud have partnered to offer a simple cloud-native storage service. Our partnership is unique in that the service is designed to look and feel like a native Google Cloud service offering with integrated billing, APIs, user interface, and Google Cloud support.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications

  • Cloud native storage that eliminates the need to refactor your application’s data plane
  • Solve your applications’ availability, protection, and data management problems — instantly
Cloud Native Applications

Cloud native applications

  • Simple, flexible, and automated storage for application-development tools
  • Persistent storage for stateful microservices in Kubernetes
Unstructured Data

Unstructured data

  • Provide standard file interfaces, directory structure, and permissions required by the most common analytics tools
  • Run batch real-time analytics on your unstructured datasets

NetApp named 2018 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure

Partner Award

Google Cloud and NetApp Cloud Volumes helped us move high performance file workloads that we thought would take months or years to refactor.

— VP Cloud Services, Cardinal Health


Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is a fully managed file storage service requiring no administration, while providing the guarantees that customers need for business continuity to run their mission-critical applications in the cloud.

  • Google Cloud Native Experience

    Google Cloud native experience

  • Google Cloud Supported

    Google Cloud supported

  • Metered Service

    Metered, pay-as-you-go service

  • Google Cloud Integrated Billing

    Google Cloud integrated billing

  • Consistent Performance

    Consistent performance

  • Highly available

    Highly available

  • Flexible service levels

    Flexible service levels

  • Encryption at rest

    Encryption at rest

  • Snapshots and copies

    Snapshots and copies


Cloud Volumes Service delivers the right performance fit for your workload with the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity and performance levels on demand.

IOPS 4,000 IOPS per TB 16,000 IOPS per TB 32,000 IOPS per TB
Max read throughput 16 MB per TB 64 MB per TB 128 MB per TB
Max write throughput 16 MB per TB 64 MB per TB 128 MB per TB
Max capacity per volume 100 TB 100 TB 100 TB
Protocols NFSv3, SMB3 NFSv3, SMB3 NFSv3, SMB3
Encryption (data at rest) Yes Yes Yes
Snapshot & copies Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $0.10 per GB/mo $0.20 per GB/mo $0.30 per GB/mo