Troubleshooting manual data import

This page shows you how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with manual data import in StratoZone.

Errors found in the uploaded files

If the file you upload contains some errors, the upload status will display the Exception found error. A pop-up notification appears when StratoZone finds errors in the uploaded file.

Error message and notification when uploading a file to StratoZone

To understand and troubleshoot the error, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the link provided next to the error message to download a copy of the file you previously uploaded.

  2. Open the file with a spreadsheet editor.

  3. Look at the first column of the file, named ExceptionMessage. For every row, follow the suggestions that the error message provides to edit the table and fix the problem.

  4. Upload the correct file again.

Typical error messages

When you upload the files, you might encounter the following errors:

  • Invalid <columnName>: The value under columnName in this row is in a different format than expected.
  • <columnName> is required: You need to enter the required value under columnName.
  • Duplicate <columnName>: The unique identifier under columnName is already present in a previous row of the file.

Additionally, when you upload the optional System tags file, you might encounter the following errors:

  • MachineId is not found: The MachineId value in this row doesn't correspond to any ID in the Machine information file.
  • Invalid Key: The key in this row is not valid.
  • Duplicate Key: The key used in this row is already present in a previous row of the file for the same MachineId value.
  • Invalid Value: The value in this row is not valid.