Orbitera White-Label Marketplace

Enable customers to find and purchase your solutions on multiple cloud providers, direct or through your channel.

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Create your own marketplace

The Orbitera White-Label Marketplace platform enables you to control the whole lifecycle for multi channel software commerce. Whether you are a software vendor, service provider, system integrator, or channel organization, you can sell and distribute cloud-ready solutions and services across multiple cloud providers using the platform. Make it easier for enterprise and SMB customers to buy, deploy, and manage software in the cloud.

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Streamline your customers' experience

Let customers search for solutions, self-educate on value propositions, launch cloud trials, and purchase directly from your marketplace. Give customers self-service access to view subscriptions, cloud usage data, and analytics in an integrated dashboard.

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Configure offerings flexibly

Easily combine products, services, and support plans in any configuration — with multiple clouds, pricing options, and features.

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Reach a larger audience with channel sales

Offer products and subscriptions to multiple tiers of resellers or plug into an established network for wider distribution. Benefit from flexible contract and revenue share structures, while controlling the technical integration and protecting margins as resellers go to market.

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Retain full control and ownership

Retain complete ownership of the customer relationship to nurture or upsell and preserve your lead and usage engagement data.


Self-service for customers

Customers are fully enabled to transact and monitor without your involvement.

Fully customizable marketplace

Sell any combination of software products, managed services, infrastructure, and support plans.

Integrated dashboard

Track trials, purchases, billing, and usage in a single pane of glass. Share the data with your ERP and other systems to create granular invoices. Measure and monetize consumption across platforms.

Channel management

Enable multiple tiers of partners to implement and support a wide variety of programs, pricing models, and structures to accelerate sales of your solutions. Cross-list products in partner and reseller marketplaces, both upstream and downstream.

Configurable incentives

Offer discounts and promotions to help incentivize new and existing customers to purchase your products.


You will be charged 5% of gross merchandise value (GMV) sold through Orbitera White-Label Marketplace.


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