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Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions

Run your code in the cloud with no servers or containers to manage with our scalable, pay-as-you-go functions as a service (FaaS) product.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Functions. All customers get 2 million monthly invocations free, not charged against your credits.

  • Build and deploy your first Cloud Function using only your web browser with this Quickstart

  • Serve users from zero to planet-scale without even thinking about any infrastructure. 

  • See how customers design applications using event-driven architectures with Cloud Functions

Key features

Key features

Simplified developer experience and increased developer velocity

Cloud Functions has a simple and intuitive developer experience. Just write your code and let Google Cloud handle the operational infrastructure. Develop faster by writing and running small code snippets that respond to events. Streamline challenging orchestration problems by connecting Google Cloud products to one another or third party services using events.

Pay only for what you use

You are only billed for your function’s execution time, metered to the nearest 100 milliseconds. You pay nothing when your function is idle. Cloud Functions automatically spins up and backs down in response to events.

Avoid lock-in with open technology

Use open source FaaS (function as a service) framework to run functions across multiple environments and prevent lock-in. Supported environments include Cloud Functions, local development environment, on-premises, Cloud Run, and other Knative-based serverless environments.

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What's new

What's new

Cloud Functions (2nd gen) is now generally available with more powerful compute options, granular controls, and new triggers from over 125 sources. 

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