Google Cloud Functions BETA

Event-driven serverless compute platform

  • Simplest way to run your code in the cloud
  • Automatically scales, highly available and fault tolerant
  • No servers to provision, manage, patch or update
  • Pay only while your code runs
  • Connects and extends cloud services
How it works
Serverless applications on Google’s infrastructure
Cloud Functions lets application developers spin up code on demand in response to events originating from anywhere. Treat all Google and third-party cloud services as building blocks, connect and extend them with code, and build applications that scale from zero to planet-scale—without provisioning or managing a single server.
Microservices over monoliths
Your development agility comes from building systems composed of small, independent units of functionality focused on doing one thing well. Cloud Functions lets you build and deploy services at the level of a single function, not at the level of entire applications, containers, or VMs.
Key Features
All Features
No server management
Scales automatically
Pay only while your code runs
Runs code in response to events
Open and familiar
Connects and extends cloud services
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