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NoSQL database built for global apps

Cloud Firestore is a fast, fully managed, serverless, cloud-native NoSQL document database that simplifies storing, syncing, and querying data for your mobile, web, and IoT apps at global scale. Its client libraries provide live synchronization and offline support, while its security features and integrations with Firebase and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) accelerate building truly serverless apps.

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Accelerate development velocity with serverless

Cloud Firestore is a cloud-native database, which provides an automatically scaling solution built from the ground up to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform's powerful infrastructure. It is designed to provide a great developer experience and simplify app development with live synchronization, offline support, and ACID transactions across hundreds of documents and collections. Cloud Firestore is integrated with both Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Firebase, Google's mobile development platform.

You can talk directly to Cloud Firestore from your mobile or web clients for a truly serverless solution. No need to set up an intermediary server to manage access to your data. This is great for prototyping, iterating, and getting a production system up and running quickly.

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Sync data across devices, on or offline

With Cloud Firestore, your applications can be updated in near real time when data on the back end changes. This is not only great for building collaborative multi-user mobile applications, but also means you can keep your data in sync with individual users who might want to use your app from multiple devices.

Cloud Firestore has full offline support, so you can access and make changes to your data, and those changes will be synced to the cloud when the client comes back online. Built-in offline support leverages local cache to serve and store data, so your app remains responsive regardless of network latency or internet connectivity.

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Simple and effortless

Cloud Firestore's robust client libraries make it easy for you to update and receive new data while worrying less about establishing network connections or unforeseen race conditions. It can scale effortlessly as your app grows. Cloud Firestore allows you to run sophisticated queries against your data. This gives you more flexibility in the way you structure your data and can often mean that you have to do less filtering on the client, which keeps your network calls and data usage more efficient.

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Enterprise-grade, scalable NoSQL

Cloud Firestore is a fast and fully managed NoSQL cloud database. It is built to scale and takes advantage of GCP's powerful infrastructure, with automatic horizontal scaling in and out, in response to your application's load. Security access controls for data are built in and enable you to handle data validation via a configuration language.



Cloud Firestore has built-in security access controls for data and enables simple data validation via a configuration language.

Datastore mode

Cloud Firestore supports the Datastore API. You won't need to make any changes to your existing Datastore apps, and you can expect the same performance characteristics and pricing with the added benefit of strong consistency.

Automatic upgrade

Your Cloud Datastore databases will be upgraded seamlessly and automatically shortly after the GA release of Cloud Firestore. No code changes required, and no downtime for your app.

ACID transactions

Cloud Firestore has support for transactions, so if any of the operations in the transaction fails (and cannot be retried) the whole transaction will fail.

Multi-region replication

With automatic multi-region replication and strong consistency, your data is safe and available, even when disasters strike.

Powerful query engine

Cloud Firestore allows you to run sophisticated queries against your NoSQL data without any degradation in performance. This gives you more flexibility in the way you structure your data.

Built for cloud-native applications

Typical workloads include mobile and web applications, collaborative multi-user applications, IoT asset tracking and real-time analytics, retail product catalogs, communications, social user profiles and activity, and gaming leaderboards.

With Firebase Realtime Database, we felt we had built the best force-plate testing software on the market. Thanks to Cloud Firestore, in only two weeks, we built a system that's significantly better and includes features we never thought possible to ship on Day 1.

Chris Wales, CTO, Hawkin Dynamics

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Cloud Firestore detailed pricing is available on our pricing page.

Stored data $0.18/GB
Bandwidth Google Cloud Pricing
Document writes $0.18/100K
Document reads $0.06/100K
Document deletes $0.02/100K

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