Google Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Dataproc

Google Cloud Bigtable is Google's NoSQL Big Data database service. It's the same database that powers many core Google services, including Search, Analytics, Maps, and Gmail. Bigtable is designed to handle massive workloads at consistent low latency and high throughput, so it's a great choice for both operational and analytical applications, including IoT, user analytics, and financial data analysis.

Cloud Bigtable is an excellent option for any Apache Spark or Hadoop uses that require Apache HBase. Cloud Bigtable supports the Apache HBase 1.0+ APIs and offers a Cloud Bigtable HBaseclient in Maven, so it is easy to use Cloud Bigtable with Cloud Dataproc.


See the Google Cloud Bigtable code samples for examples on using Cloud Bigtable with Cloud Dataproc.

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