Manage a cluster

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This page explains how to update and delete an existing Dataproc cluster.

Update a cluster

You can update a cluster by issuing a Dataproc API clusters.patch request, running a gcloud dataproc clusters update command in a local terminal window or in Cloud Shell, or by editing cluster parameters from the Configuration tab of the Cluster details page for the cluster in the Google Cloud console.

The following cluster parameters can be updated:

Delete a cluster

You can delete a cluster via a Dataproc API clusters.delete HTTP or programmatic request, using the Google Cloud CLI gcloud command-line tool locally in a terminal window or in Cloud Shell, or from the Google Cloud console.

gcloud command

To delete a Dataproc cluster, use the gcloud CLI gcloud dataproc clusters delete command locally in a terminal window or in Cloud Shell.

gcloud dataproc clusters delete cluster-name \


Use the Dataproc clusters.delete API to delete a cluster.


Open the Dataproc Clusters page in the Google Cloud console. Select the cluster by checking the box to the left of the cluster name, then Click Delete to delete the cluster.