Scaling clusters

After creating a Cloud Dataproc cluster, you can adjust ("scale") the cluster by increasing or decreasing the number of worker nodes in the cluster. You can scale a Cloud Dataproc cluster at any time, even when jobs are running on the cluster.

Why scale a Cloud Dataproc cluster?

  1. to increase the number of workers to make a job run faster
  2. to decrease the number of workers to save money
  3. to increase the number of nodes to expand available Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS) storage

Because clusters can be scaled more than once, you might want to increase/decrease the cluster size at one time, and then decrease/increase the size later.

There are two ways you can scale your Cloud Dataproc cluster:

  1. Use the gcloud command-line tool in the Google Cloud SDK.
  2. Edit the cluster configuration in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

New workers added to a cluster will use the same machine type as existing workers. For example, if a cluster is created with workers that use the n1-standard-8 machine type, new workers will also use the n1-standard-8 machine type.

Scaling with the gcloud command-line tool

To scale a cluster with gcloud dataproc clusters update, run the following command.

gcloud dataproc clusters update <cluster-name> --num-workers <new-number-of-workers>

where cluster-name is the name of the cluster to update, and new-number-of-workers is the updated number of worker nodes.

For example, to scale a cluster named "dataproc-1" to use five worker nodes, run the following command.

gcloud dataproc clusters update dataproc-1 --num-workers 5
Waiting on operation [operations/projects/project-id/operations/...].
Waiting for cluster update operation...done.
Updated [].
clusterName: my-test-cluster
    bootDiskSizeGb: 500
  masterName: dataproc-1-m
  numWorkers: 5
  - my-test-cluster-w-0
  - my-test-cluster-w-1
  - my-test-cluster-w-2
  - my-test-cluster-w-3
  - my-test-cluster-w-4

Scaling with the Cloud Platform Console

After a cluster is created, you can scale a cluster by clicking the Edit button on the Configuration tab on the cluster detail page.

Enter a new value for the the number of Worker nodes (updated to "5" in the following screenshot).

Click Save to update the cluster.

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