Dataproc Component Gateway

Some of the default open source components included with Google Dataproc clusters, such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, provide web interfaces. These interfaces can be used to manage and monitor cluster resources and facilities, such as the YARN resource manager, the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), MapReduce, and Spark. Component Gateway provides secure access to web endpoints for Dataproc default and optional components.

Clusters created with Dataproc image version 1.3.29 and later can enable access to component web interfaces without relying on SSH tunnels or modifying firewall rules to allow inbound traffic.


  • Component web interfaces can be accessed by users who have dataproc.clusters.use IAM permission. By default, only project members have this permission (see Dataproc Roles).
  • Component Gateway cannot be used to access REST APIs, such as Apache Hadoop YARN and Apache Livy, and history servers.
  • Component Gateway is not available with Kerberized clusters.
  • When Component Gateway is enabled, the first master node in the cluster will have the following additional services:
  • Component gateway does not enable direct access to node:port interfaces, but proxies a specific subset of services automatically. If you want to access services on nodes (node:port), use an SSH SOCKS proxy.

Creating a cluster with Component Gateway


To enable Component Gateway from the Cloud Console, check the Component Gateway checkbox on the Dataproc Create a cluster form.

gcloud command

Run the Cloud SDK gcloud beta dataproc clusters create command locally in a terminal window or in Cloud Shell.

gcloud beta dataproc clusters create cluster-name \ 
    --enable-component-gateway \ 
    other args ...


Set the EndpointConfig.enableHttpPortAccess property to true as part of a clusters.create request.

Viewing and Accessing Component Gateway URLs

When Component Gateway is enabled on a cluster, you can connect to component web interfaces running on the cluster's first master node by clicking links provided on the Cloud Console. Component Gateway also sets endpointConfig.httpPorts with a map of port names to URLs. As an alternative to using the console, you can use the gcloud command-line tool or the Dataproc REST API to view this mapping information, then copy and paste the URL into your browser to connect with the component's UI.


Navigate to the Dataproc Clusters form on Google Cloud Console, then select your cluster to open the Cluster details form. Click the Web Interfaces tab to display a list of Component Gateway links to the web interfaces of default and optional components installed on the cluster. Click a link to open the web interface running on the master node of the cluster in your local browser.

gcloud command

Run the Cloud SDK gcloud beta dataproc clusters describe command locally in a terminal window or in Cloud Shell.

gcloud beta dataproc clusters describe cluster-name

Sample Output

    enableHttpPortAccess: true
      HDFS NameNode: MapReduce Job History: Spark HistoryServer: YARN ResourceManager: YARN Application Timeline: ...


Call clusters.get to get the endpointConfig.httpPorts map of port names to URLs.

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