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Apigee hybrid

Apigee hybrid

A hybrid deployment option for managing APIs.

  • Choose where to host your API traffic—on-premises, Google Cloud, or hybrid

  • Get the best of on-premises and Apigee cloud advantages

  • Leverage an enterprise-grade hybrid gateway


Get deployment flexibility

Apigee hybrid allows you to manage and control the runtime, thereby letting you position the gateways closer to your API traffic and leverage your existing compliance, governance, and security infrastructure.

Unlock cloud innovation

Leverage Apigee’s cloud capabilities, even with an on-premises runtime deployment, and combine them with Apigee hybrid’s full life cycle API management capabilities to build a powerful API program.

Manage and scale with ease

For scalable, secure management of the API runtime deployment, Apigee hybrid runtime is containerized. With the resource efficiency and automated operations of GKE, the API runtime is easy to manage and scale.

Key features

Gain the flexibility of hybrid

Customer-managed runtime plane

Host, manage, and control the runtime plane on Kubernetes on-premises or in a cloud-managed Kubernetes provider. The runtime plane processes your API traffic, leaving you in control of runtime components such as key management system, OAuth, and certificates.

Apigee management plane

Leverage the API life cycle management features of Apigee for your APIs, all hosted and managed by Google Cloud. With periodic synchronization between the two planes, proxies, products, shared flows, and other runtime-specific configurations will always be up to date.

Integrated services

Apigee hybrid integrates with Google Cloud services including Identity and Access Management (IAM), resource hierarchy and service accounts, and operations suite.


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Google Cloud Basics

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Learn more about the ins and outs of Apigee hybrid.

Install and configure Apigee hybrid

Everything you need to know to get up and running with Apigee hybrid.

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Apigee hybrid pricing

Apigee offers simple yet flexible pricing options no matter where you are in your API journey—whether you are trying a pilot or driving a digital transformation program.

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