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Agent Assist

Deliver AI-powered conversations with human agents using Agent Assist, part of Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI.

  • Recommend ready-to-send responses to customers

  • Provide answers to customer questions from a centralized knowledge base

  • Transcribe calls in real-time


Reduce costs

Give your agents the ability to handle 28% more conversations, reducing operational costs, decreasing average customer hold time, and improving your ability to handle peak traffic efficiently.

Improve CSAT

Improve customer satisfaction by 10% with consistent, high-quality responses and quicker training by learning from high-performing agents.

Respond quicker

Reduce abandoned chats with 15% quicker response time using Smart Reply and fast answers to customer inquiries drawn from a central knowledge base.

Key features

Improve customer and agent satisfaction

Agent Assist recommends phrases used by high-performing agents to improve the quality and consistency of customer experience.

Find answers from the knowledge base

Agents are suggested knowledge base content to solve a customer’s issue, reducing customer wait time and providing more accurate information to customers.

Live transcription for calls

Transcribe calls in real time for agents to reference during the call or for analysis after the call.

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"Agent Assist has been a beneficial aid to agents and our customers alike. Our customers receive prompt responses which have been tailored to provide information to make them self-sufficient but also resolve their queries."

Eugene Neale, Director of CX Engineering and Business IT, loveholidays


Find resources and documentation for Agent Assist

Google Cloud Basics
Agent Assist basics

Learn the fundamentals of Agent Assist with simple explanations and links for more information.

Training a Smart Reply model and managing allowlists

Step-by-step instructions on the process of training and deploying a model using the Agent Assist Console.

Using the Agent Assist simulator

This tutorial walks you through the steps to preview your model performance before you implement it for any Agent Assist feature.


Agent Assist pricing details

Agent Assist is priced monthly based on the communication channel.

Communication Channel Price
Agent Assist for Chat $0.06 per session
Agent Assist for Voice Please contact your Google Cloud representative to discuss pricing.


Agent Assist integrates into existing technology. Explore our network of partners with pre-built integrations.

Integrate Agent Assist into your contact center for chat-based customer support with our trusted chat partners.

Integrate Agent Assist into your contact center for voice-based customer support with our trusted voice partners.