Using Legacy Networks

This page describes creating and modifying Google Cloud Platform (GCP) legacy networks. Legacy networks are not recommended. Please use this page only if you have an existing setup that requires a legacy network. For more features and better network management, use a VPC network instead.


Legacy networks do not support the following GCP features. To use these features, you must use VPC networks instead.

Creating a legacy network

You can still create a legacy network, which does not have any subnets. Legacy networks have a single global IP range. You cannot create subnets in a legacy network or switch from legacy to auto or custom VPC networks.

  1. Create a new legacy network in your project.

      gcloud compute networks create legacy-network1 \
          --subnet-mode legacy \

      NAME            MODE   IPV4_RANGE    GATEWAY_IPV4
      legacy-network1 legacy

Deleting a legacy network

For a legacy network, you can explicitly delete the network only if the network is not in use by any resources.

To delete the network:

gcloud compute networks delete my-legacy-network

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