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Translation AI

Make your content and apps multilingual with fast, dynamic machine translation.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Translation.

  • Reach global markets through internationalization of your products

  • Engage your audience with compelling localization of your content

  • Deliver seamless user experience with real-time translation


Unparalleled language support

Use machine translation to detect more than one hundred languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu. Build custom models in more than fifty language pairs using our no-code AutoML technology.

Best-in-class quality

Google has a rich history of providing translation services to consumers and organizations. Our proven models and tools bring Google’s translation expertise with industry-leading accuracy.

Domain specificity

Customize our translation services to understand industry slang, or domain-specific terms. Maintain the context and meaning in translations of technical documents, product descriptions, and social content.

Key features

Translation products tailored for your needs

Translation Hub

Easily translate content into 135 languages with an intuitive, business-user-friendly interface and integrate human feedback where required. Translation Hub makes it possible for enterprises to customize and manage translation workloads at a previously unachievable scale and cost.

AutoML Translation

Developers, translators, and localization experts with domain knowledge can build custom translation models without writing a single line of code using our AutoML technology. Just upload translated language pairs for your use case, and AutoML Translation will train a custom model to meet your domain-specific translation needs.

Translation API

Translation API Basic uses Google’s neural machine translation technology to instantly translate texts into more than one hundred languages. Translation API Advanced offers the same fast, dynamic results you get with Basic and additional customization features. Customization matters for domain- and context-specific terms or phrases, and formatted document translation.

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