Choosing between Advanced and Basic

You can choose between one of two Cloud Translation editions, "Basic" and "Advanced." The descriptions below will help you decide which edition is right for you.

Cloud Translation - Basic (v2)

Cloud Translation - Basic enables you to dynamically translate between languages using Google's general translation models. Basic is optimized for simplicity and scale. It's a good fit for applications with primarily casual user generated content, such as chat, social media, or comments. See Pricing and Quotas and Limits for details.

Basic supports language detection and text translation in over 100 languages. See the table below for more feature comparisons.

Cloud Translation - Advanced (v3)

The Advanced edition of Translation has all the capabilities of Basic, with a lot more features. The Advanced edition is optimized for customization and long form content use cases. Advanced customization features include Glossary, Batch, and model selection. For higher security, Advanced uses service accounts instead of API keys, because the API interfaces with customer resources (for example, glossaries). With model selection, customers can dynamically translate between languages using Google's general or custom (AutoML) translation models based on the context and the content.

See Pricing and Quotas and Limits for details.

Supported features

Feature Basic (v2) Advanced (v3)
Language Detection
Translate with general models
Translate with AutoML Models
Translate multiple strings in a single request (AutoML and general models)
Glossary (AutoML and general models)
Batch Translations with Google Cloud Storage (AutoML and general models)
Integrated REST API
Integrated gRPC API
Service Account
Seamless HTML handling
Supports 100+ Languages
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