Quotas & Limits

This document contains current API restrictions and usage quotas on use of the Translation API. This page is updated when there are changes to these restrictions and usage quotas.

You can edit your quotas up to their maximum values by using the Google Cloud Platform Dashboard. To request an increase above the maximum for a quota, submit a request from the Google Cloud Platform Console page.

Content quotas

Content to the Translation API is provided as text strings, and both pricing and usage are based on character counts. All characters sent to the Translation API, including whitespace characters, count towards these quotas.

Translation API is optimized for translation of short requests. The recommended maximum length for each request is 2K. Translation API will reject very large requests (with a 400 INVALID_ARGUMENT error) regardless of the available quota.

Content Quota Default Maximum Duration Applies To
Characters per day 2,000,000 characters unlimited day project
Characters per 100 seconds per project 1,000,000 characters 1,000,000 characters 100 seconds project
Characters per 100 seconds per project per user 100,000 characters 100,000 characters 100 seconds user and project

Request quotas

In addition to the content quotas shown above, the Translation API enforces quotas on the usage of the API. In particular, there is a limit on how often you can request the list of supported languages for translation.

This quota does not apply to text sent for translation. It applies only to requests for the list of supported languages.

Quota Default Maximum Duration Applies To
Supported Languages Requests per 100 seconds 1000 requests 1000 requests 100 seconds project

The content and request quotas apply to each Translation API developer project and each user, and are shared across all applications and IP addresses used by a given developer project.

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