General FAQ


What isn't translated by Cloud Translation?
The following items are not translated but are still counted as charged characters:
  • Whitespaces
  • HTML tags
  • Content in no translate tags
  • Glossary entries that have the same terms for each language code

Migrating from Basic to Advanced

Does Advanced support backward compatibility with Basic?
Cloud Translation - Advanced supports all Cloud Translation - Basic features and models, but due to required changes to the client libraries is not backward compatible. Existing customers need to plan their migrations in order to benefit from Cloud Translation - Advanced features. In the Migrating to Advanced guide we provide guidance on key considerations for developing a migration plan.
I have a Google Cloud contract with special pricing for Cloud Translation - Basic. Will I get the same pricing with Advanced?
Any existing deal discounting you had on Basic (v2) will be honored on Advanced (v3) for the duration of your existing contract, automatically. If you do not see your deal discounting honored or have questions, contact your FSA/CE or place a support request to investigate.
Will quota be shared between Advanced and Basic?
Yes, quota is per project, and is shared across Cloud Translation versions and models. For details, see Quotas and Limits
Will Basic have a Free Tier for NMT translation requests?
Yes. See the Pricing page for more details.

Access to the Cloud Translation - Advanced

How do I sign up?
See the Quickstart for how to sign up for the Cloud Translation - Advanced.
How do I create a corporate account and not use my personal gmail account?
You can sign up for a Google Account using your work email address. Then use the account you just created when you log in to the Google Cloud console.
Can I resell the Cloud Translation API?
No, you are not permitted to resell the Cloud Translation API service.
What languages are supported?
See the list of supported languages.

Data confidentiality

Does Google look at or use the text I send for translation?
Google does not use any of your content for any purpose except to provide you with the service. See the Data Usage FAQ for more information.


Do I have to attribute Google when publishing the results of translation?
Usually, yes. See the attribution guidelines for more information.
If I'm post-editing the translation results, do I need to display attribution?
No. If you are post-editing the machine translation, no attribution is required.