Protect your organization against online threats

Detect, investigate, and help stop threats that target your business and your users before they result in damage or loss.

found it more difficult compared to 2 years ago.63%Level of complexity for security analytics & operations

63% of organizations find security analytics and operations more difficult than they did two years ago

Despite significant investment, many organizations continue to be challenged managing cyber risk, detecting and responding to cyber incidents, and protecting their applications from online attacks, according to Enterprise Strategy Group. Google Cloud security solutions provide security analytics and controls that help make it easier to protect your apps and defend your business.

Apply the best of Google to your security

Ingest, index, correlate, and use new telemetry, in seconds. Analyze massive amounts of historical security data to gain visibility and insights. With Chronicle, you can combine intelligence about threats both in the wild and inside your network to speed investigations.

Protect users with up-to-date intel

Google Cloud’s user protection technology is proven through Google’s years of experience keeping people safe online. But protecting your users today also requires our constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources to identify phishing and deceptive sites as well as sites that host malware or unwanted software.

Rely on Google’s global infrastructure

Protect your users, data, and applications, using the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google relies on.

Whitepaper: Redefining security analytics with Chronicle
Whitepaper: Redefining security analytics with Chronicle
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Why Google Cloud

Fully scalable security analytics

Built on core Google infrastructure, our security analytics solutions give you an elastic container for storing huge volumes of enterprise security telemetry.

Up-to-date intelligence

Our user protection services include data on more than a million unsafe URLs and stay current by examining billions of URLs each day.

Rapid deployment

Cloud-based security means new analytics and protection services can be spun up in hours or even minutes.


Security analytics and operations

Store and continuously analyze petabytes of security telemetry at a fixed price with zero management headache.

Application security

Protect your applications from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse. Detect malicious URLs on your website and in client applications. Quickly identify known bad sites. Help prevent costly exploits from automated bots.

BeyondCorp Remote Access

Enable simple access to internal web apps keeping your teams working wherever they are.

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