Google Cloud for retail

You can deliver compelling customer experiences and accelerate transformation across your organization by leveraging Google Cloud’s suite of intelligent solutions.

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Leading retail and CPG companies trust Google Cloud

The Home Depot


Retail solutions

Capture digital and omnichannel revenue growth

Migrate custom ecommerce platforms from customer data centers or other cloud vendors.

Modernize your ecommerce platform into a cloud-native, containerized architecture.

Offer engaging shopping with Visual Product Search, Recommendations AI, and Search for Retail.

Partner with Google to plan and execute peak shopping seasons flawlessly.

Become a customer-centric, data-driven retailer

Ace your migration with BigQuery’s complete offer, easy-to-use tools, and expert partners.

Utilize pre-built marketing and data analytics dashboards to make informed decisions across your business.

Activate valuable audiences and deliver highly personalized customer experiences at scale.

Leverage advanced AI to accurately forecast demand, thus minimizing stockouts and reducing excess inventory.

Drive operational improvement

Easily integrate retail systems and channels to provide a more unified shopping experience.

Automate common interactions, enabling live call center agents to focus on more complex issues.

Utilize analytics and machine learning to improve your demand forecasting.

Power teams from corporate HQ to the front lines to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively.

Reduce costs while improving your agility at capturing new markets.

Configure and manage applications across stores at scale without sacrificing on performance and reliability.


Our industry partners can help you solve your business challenges and unlock growth opportunities with painless implementations and integrated out-of-the-box or custom solutions.

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