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Open banking and embedded finance

Simplify and accelerate the process of delivering open banking as required by PSD2 by enabling speedy and secure delivery of APIs. Embed your financial services in the non-financial products consumers already use.


Simplify and accelerate secure delivery of open banking compliant APIs

Accelerate open banking compliance

Use preconfigured API proxies to authenticate and secure financial communications.

Grow an ecosystem of partners and customers

Quickly and securely share data with the Apigee open banking APIx developer portal.

Promote internal and external innovation

Enable different access models for internal apps or third-party providers with the pre-integrated OAuth security framework.

Learn more about how Apigee can help with your open banking initiatives with our video, Open Banking, powered by Apigee API Management.

Key features

Compliance accelerators

Regulators are mandating that financial institutions open programmatic access to financial data and payments capabilities. Our accelerators can help.

API accelerator for open banking (UK) and PSD2 (EU) compliance

Provides preconfigured proxies for banking APIs according to CMA’s open banking specification; an integrated OAuth security framework to support various access models; a banking-specific developer portal with API docs, tools, and an API sandbox with test cases; and other features to help accelerate regulated entities towards offering compliant APIs.

API accelerator for Australia and CDR compliance

With an Open Data Sandbox (mock data), reusable logic that can be used for implementing CDS compliant APIs, and the ability to authenticate and authorize, including consent, with a mock OIDC provider, it helps simplify and accelerate secure delivery of open banking compliant APIs.

API accelerator for Brazil (Sistema Financeiro Aberto)

Provides a reference implementation of the specification as required by the Central Bank of Brazil and defined by the Open Banking governance structure. It provides technical representations, preconfigured APIs with mock data, and leverages reusable logic to speed up the delivery of compliant APIs.

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