Migrate Oracle workloads to Google Cloud

Rehost, replatform, rewrite your Oracle workloads

Modern applications need flexible database options and the ability for application developers to choose infrastructure based on their requirements. Google Cloud offers a wide variety of database solutions from a Bare Metal Solution to open source databases to innovative cloud-native databases to help reduce your operational overhead and drive innovation and agility.

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Migration strategies

When migrating Oracle workloads there are many considerations such as licensing and maintenance cost, manageability, and commercial off-the-shelf applications that require certifications for Oracle support purposes. Google Cloud provides multiple strategies for your specific migration journey.


To migrate Oracle workloads with specific configurations, Google Cloud offers Bare Metal Solution, where you can simply lift and shift your workloads. Bare Metal Solution provides hardware, hardware support, and integrated billing. This infrastructure is connected to Google Cloud via a dedicated and highly resilient interconnect and connects to all native Google Cloud services with less than 2ms latency.


Keep your core application code and migrate to compatible platforms like Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL or BigQuery to help reduce licensing fees and maintenance costs. You can migrate to an open source database such as Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL that has a certain amount of compatibility with PL/SQL and stored procedure. You can also offload data analytics-centric workloads to SQL-compatible data warehousing solution like BigQuery.


Rewrite your application to take full advantage of cloud-native databases. If your application requires a relational database with global scalability, you can migrate to Cloud Spanner, which provides scalability with industry-leading high availability of 99.999% SLA.

Key benefits

Dramatically reduce TCO

Building and maintaining a database environment requires significant up-front hardware, software, and maintenance costs. Migrating Oracle workloads to Google Cloud can save significant time and money with up to 78% TCO savings.

$0$1M$2M$3M$4M$5M$6M$7MOn-Premises DIYCloud Solution ACloud Solution BCloud Spanner78% Cost saving37% Cost savingHardware/Software/StorageOperationsCloudStorageMaintenance/SupportAdministration

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group

High scale and high availability

Mission-critical applications need dependable databases that scale with your business. Google Cloud offers flexible options to migrate Oracle workloads to protect your applications from peak traffic and unexpected downtime.

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