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Focus on being competitive while maintaining compliance in rapidly changing global markets by managing risk and making more timely, alpha-producing decisions on the same high-performance infrastructure that powers Google.

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Whether you’re running massive risk calculations or just trying to better understand your customers, Google Cloud can increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and help you stay compliant.

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Customer stories

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PayPal democratizes financial services for 300 million people in 200 international markets.
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Customer highlights

  • Develops online, mobile, and in-store services in 200 markets in 100 currencies

  • Serves more than 300 million customers with goal of 1 billion daily users

  • Leverages hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities to enable mission-critical workloads

Security and compliance

Google Cloud helps protect your most sensitive data, including customer PII, records, transaction data, and payment card information, by offering identity management, network security, threat detection, and response capabilities. To ensure your trust, we certify our products against the most rigorous global security and privacy standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, and ISO/IEC 27018; financial control standards, including AICPA SOC and Japan FISC; and industry-specific standards, such as PCI DSS.

Why Google Cloud

Secure by design

Protect your proprietary data and support your company’s compliance using secure, immutable Google Cloud storage for your regulated data.


Modernize your existing applications, build new ones, and run them anywhere. Anthos helps accelerate application development and strategically enables your business with transformational technologies.

Fully managed infrastructure

Scale automatically for complex financial analysis, scale petabyte-scale analytics on demand, and reduce costs by modernizing your infrastructure.

Embedded AI and ML

Apply Google’s embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning to deepen data insights and create greater business value.

Best of Google’s ecosystem

From Google Marketing Platform to Google Assistant and Maps, apply technology from across Google to transform your organization.

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