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Rapid Migration Program (RaMP)

Google Cloud's holistic, end-to-end migration and modernization program to help customers leverage expertise and best practices, lower risk, control costs, and simplify their path to cloud success. 


Migrating and modernizing should be fast and easy. With RaMP, it is.

Clarity and road map

Understand your IT environment with data-driven discovery and analytics, and receive a road map with timeline, costs, resources, and risks. Gain confidence with a transparent transition plan and cost proposal.

Expertise in execution

Migrate with confidence through best practices delivered by Google Cloud and our partners, including blueprints, governance, security, and training for your personnel and cloud operations.  

Reduce cost and risk

Reduce migration costs with flexible proposals that meet your budget, partner funding from Google Cloud to offset costs, and solution-specific discounts and credits. Lower risk with data-driven migration plans.

Why Migrate and modernize with Google Cloud RaMP? 

For any large-scale migration, we’ve found the following five best practices greatly increase chances of success. First, there needs to be a business case articulating the “why” that executives across business, IT, finance, security, and operations are aligned on. Second, there needs to be a learning plan tailored to each role so individuals can obtain new skills and neutralize the FUD accompanying changes to how they work. Third, there needs to be a “Cloud Center of Excellence” (CCoE) team that harvests best practices, sets up and maintains the landing zone, sets “principles” and blueprints for how teams will scale usage/migration, and drives the fourth and fifth best practices, which are good program governance and a well-defined set of goals or an OKR (objective and key results) to measure, inspect, and quickly triage progress.  

With RaMP, our goal is to bring our product portfolio and best practices together within a unified, holistic approach. One that helps customers build a business case and drive stakeholder alignment, assess and close gaps on their people, process, and technology readiness, disposition workloads into priority “migration waves” segmented by migration strategy, create a landing zone with adequate financial, security, and compliance controls, decide what tools to use, execute a training and enablement plan, establish a CCoE, set an OKR, pick the right partner(s), and relentlessly manage the migration. 

If you’re early in your journey, take advantage of our quick cloud capability assessment, which helps determine where you are in your cloud journey and how you can develop new competencies across your business, financial, and technology plans. Alternatively, if you know you’re heading to the cloud and need a detailed discovery report with recommendations and cost analysis based on your existing IT landscapes, then request one of our free assessments today.

Key features

How RaMP works

RaMP's cycle of success

Migrations have been occurring in enterprise IT for decades (for example, mainframes to x86 to virtualization), with the migration life cycle remaining largely the same. The key to success? A smart, integrated migration program that flows intelligently and smoothly, represented below by our RaMP flywheel:

RaMP flywheel

Opportunity evaluation

Understand exactly what your IT landscape looks like so you can properly map out your cloud-based options. 

Foundation and planning

Understand which workloads are ideal for the cloud, how you will migrate them, and then build the foundation you'll need in your cloud. 

Migrate and validate

Starting with the workloads that are most ideal for the cloud, begin your migrations. Analyze and evaluate at each step so that you can fine-tune for upcoming migrations. 

Optimize and operate

Assess how workloads are performing in the cloud, tune as needed, and cut over fully to cloud-based operations. 

A well run migration program creates a flywheel effect, where learnings and experience gained from migrating workloads compound to refine the business case, bolster the foundation, accelerate subsequent migrations, and make it easier to optimize workloads over time. In other words, any improvement made to the flywheel will accelerate not only that customer’s migration, but all customer migrations if we build the machinery to capture and share these improvements.

Get started by taking our quick cloud capability assessment, which helps determine where you are in your cloud journey, or by requesting your free comprehensive assessment today


Specialized RaMP partners

A select set of trusted partners that are capable of delivering high quality, complex migrations for our customers. 

Partners that have achieved this specialization have demonstrated success with data center transformation of workloads from on-premises, private cloud, or other public clouds.

These partners help make the journey to the cloud easier and are handpicked to deliver a seamless transition to Google Cloud—from foundation building to migration execution. 

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