gcloud pubsub lite-topics update

gcloud pubsub lite-topics update - update a Pub/Sub Lite topic
gcloud pubsub lite-topics update (TOPIC : --zone=ZONE) (--message-retention-period=MESSAGE_RETENTION_PERIOD --per-partition-bytes=PER_PARTITION_BYTES --per-partition-publish-mib=PER_PARTITION_PUBLISH_MIB --per-partition-subscribe-mib=PER_PARTITION_SUBSCRIBE_MIB) [GCLOUD_WIDE_FLAG]
Update a Pub/Sub Lite topic.
Topic resource - Topic to update. The arguments in this group can be used to specify the attributes of this resource. (NOTE) Some attributes are not given arguments in this group but can be set in other ways. To set the [project] attribute: provide the argument [topic] on the command line with a fully specified name; provide the argument [--project] on the command line; set the property [core/project]. This must be specified.
ID of the topic or fully qualified identifier for the topic. This positional must be specified if any of the other arguments in this group are specified.
ID of the location of the Pub/Sub Lite resource.
At least one of these must be specified:
How long a published message is retained. If unset, messages will only be dropped to make space for new ones once the per-partition-bytes limit is reached. A valid example value of this flag would be message-retention-period="2w".
Provisioned storage, in bytes, per partition. If the number of bytes stored in any of the topic's partitions exceeds this value, older messages will be dropped to make room for newer ones, regardless of the value of message-retention-period. A valid example value of this flag would be per-partition-bytes=30GiB.
Topic partition publish throughput capacity in MiB/s. Must be between 4 and 16.
Topic partition subscribe throughput capacity in MiB/s. Must be between 4 and 32.
These flags are available to all commands: --account, --billing-project, --configuration, --flags-file, --flatten, --format, --help, --impersonate-service-account, --log-http, --project, --quiet, --trace-token, --user-output-enabled, --verbosity.

Run $ gcloud help for details.

This command uses the pubsublite/v1 API. The full documentation for this API can be found at: https://cloud.google.com/pubsub/lite/docs
To update a Pub/Sub Lite topic, run:
gcloud pubsub lite-topics update mytopic  --zone=us-central1-a  --per-partition-publish-mib=10
These variants are also available:
gcloud alpha pubsub lite-topics update
gcloud beta pubsub lite-topics update