gcloud ai-platform versions update

gcloud ai-platform versions update - update an AI Platform version
gcloud ai-platform versions update (VERSION : --model=MODEL) [--config=YAML_FILE] [--description=DESCRIPTION] [--region=REGION] [--update-labels=[KEY=VALUE,…]] [--clear-labels     | --remove-labels=[KEY,…]] [GCLOUD_WIDE_FLAG]
Update an AI Platform version.
Version resource - The AI Platform model to update. The arguments in this group can be used to specify the attributes of this resource. (NOTE) Some attributes are not given arguments in this group but can be set in other ways. To set the [project] attribute: provide the argument [version] on the command line with a fully specified name; provide the argument [--project] on the command line; set the property [core/project]. This must be specified.
ID of the version or fully qualified identifier for the version. This positional must be specified if any of the other arguments in this group are specified.
Model for the version.
Path to a YAML configuration file containing configuration parameters for the version to create.

The file is in YAML format. Note that not all attributes of a version are configurable; available attributes (with example values) are:

  description: A free-form description of the version.
    nodes: 10  # The number of nodes to allocate for this model.
    minNodes: 0  # The minimum number of nodes to allocate for this model.

The name of the version must always be specified via the required VERSION argument.

Only one of manualScaling or autoScaling can be specified. If both are specified in same yaml file, an error will be returned.

Labels cannot currently be set in the config.yaml; please use the command-line flags to alter them.

If an option is specified both in the configuration file and via command-line arguments, the command-line arguments override the configuration file.

Description of the version.
Google Cloud region of the regional endpoint to use for this command. If unspecified, the command uses the global endpoint of the AI Platform Training and Prediction API.

Learn more about regional endpoints and see a list of available regions: https://cloud.google.com/ai-platform/prediction/docs/regional-endpoints

REGION must be one of: asia-east1, asia-northeast1, asia-southeast1, australia-southeast1, europe-west1, europe-west2, europe-west3, europe-west4, northamerica-northeast1, us-central1, us-east1, us-east4, us-west1.

List of label KEY=VALUE pairs to update. If a label exists its value is modified, otherwise a new label is created.

Keys must start with a lowercase character and contain only hyphens (-), underscores (_), lowercase characters, and numbers. Values must contain only hyphens (-), underscores (_), lowercase characters, and numbers.

At most one of these may be specified:
Remove all labels. If --update-labels is also specified then --clear-labels is applied first.

For example, to remove all labels:

gcloud ai-platform versions update --clear-labels

To set the labels to exactly "foo" and "baz":

gcloud ai-platform versions update --clear-labels  --update-labels foo=bar,baz=qux
List of label keys to remove. If a label does not exist it is silently ignored. If --update-labels is also specified then --remove-labels is applied first.
These flags are available to all commands: --account, --billing-project, --configuration, --flags-file, --flatten, --format, --help, --impersonate-service-account, --log-http, --project, --quiet, --trace-token, --user-output-enabled, --verbosity.

Run $ gcloud help for details.

These variants are also available:
gcloud alpha ai-platform versions update
gcloud beta ai-platform versions update