Managed Service Providers

Google Cloud partners who have met the requirements of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Initiative may deliver certified expertise, more flexibility, cost savings, and reduced time to market to their customers.

Save time and money with MSP Partners

Google Cloud’s MSP Initiative creates a framework for partners to establish and grow their MSP offerings for their customers. Partners who have been invited to take part in this initiative have shown deep cloud expertise.



From deep daily engagement across Google Cloud business and technical teams to quarterly business reviews, these partners will have the tools needed to map a strategic plan with customers in a very thoughtful way.



MSP Initiative partners achieve extensive certification to ensure their skills and knowledge of Google Cloud products. They also undergo formal third-party verification of their capabilities, including the ability to manage, monitor, remediate, and optimize workloads.



These partners have support from dedicated MSP Technical Account Managers and Customer Engineering. Additionally, they may join online and in-person communities to stay up-to-date on the latest from Google Cloud.

Are you interested in joining the MSP Initiative?

Here’s what it takes:

  • Receive an exclusive invitation from Google Cloud
  • Achieve our top partner status: Premier level
  • Participate in joint business planning with Google Cloud
  • Feature a web page dedicated to your GCP practice to help customers understand your strengths and services
  • Employ a dedicated Google Cloud practice lead or business lead
  • Certify 12 Professional Cloud Architects
  • Achieve successful completion of third-party MSP capabilities assessment
  • Publish three customer success stories that showcase your areas of expertise to our mutual customers

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