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NetApp on Google Cloud

Discover advanced hybrid cloud data services that simplify how you migrate and run enterprise workloads in the cloud. Unlock the power of your data with integrated solutions for Google Cloud.
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Simplify cloud migration and deployment

Accelerate your cloud journey

Automate how you deploy and scale shared storage, improve data security and protection, optimize for your SLAs with analytics—and reduce costs.

Unify siloed storage

Stay in control of your data, no matter where it is. NetApp’s single-plane console enables you to centrally manage and control multiple NetApp ONTAP storage systems, both on-premises and in Google Cloud.

Modernize data management

Simplify and automate your data management with comprehensive enterprise-class storage management services. Deploy and scale shared storage for your most demanding enterprise workloads.


Organizations are accelerating their move to Google Cloud with NetApp

Learn how these organizations are migrating business-critical workloads to Google Cloud to achieve greater performance, availability, and security.


Learn more about deploying NetApp services on Google Cloud

Getting started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud

Find step-by-step instructions to set up NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Basics
Introduction to Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud

This video explores the advanced enterprise storage and data management features that NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP brings to Google Cloud.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture on Google Cloud

Learn how this high availability storage architecture reduces the complexity of protecting data across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.

Google Cloud Basics
NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud documentation

Explore how-to guides, APIs, references, FAQs and more.

How to get started with Cloud Volumes Service

This video walks you through the process of purchasing, enabling, and configuring NetApp Cloud Volumes Service from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Best Practice
Creating and managing SMB volumes for Windows workloads

Learn how Cloud Volumes Service works with Windows applications on Google Cloud.

Best Practice
Application-aware data management for Kubernetes

Learn how to manage, protect and move data-rich stateful applications on Kubernetes.

Best Practice
Enterprise apps with Cloud Volumes ONTAP on Google Cloud

Read about data trends organizations are facing and the challenges of enterprise-grade data storage management using cloud-native services.

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