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NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

A simple, fully managed file storage service integrated into Google Cloud with multi-protocol support, performance, and availability characteristics required to run enterprise and Windows applications seamlessly.

Simplify migration to Google Cloud

NetApp and Google Cloud have partnered to offer a simple cloud-native file storage service with high performance and advanced data management capabilities. Our partnership is unique in that the service is designed to look and feel like a native Google Cloud service offering with integrated billing, APIs, user interface, and Google Cloud support.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications

  • Cloud native storage that eliminates the need to refactor your application’s data plane
  • Solve your applications’ availability, protection, and data management problems — instantly
Cloud Native Applications

Cloud native applications

  • Simple, flexible, and automated storage for application-development tools
  • Persistent storage for stateful microservices in Kubernetes
Unstructured Data

Unstructured data

  • Provide standard file interfaces, directory structure, and permissions required by the most common analytics tools
  • Run batch real-time analytics on your unstructured datasets

NetApp named 2019 and 2018 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Infrastructure

Partner award


  • Google Cloud-native experience

  • Integrated Google Cloud support

  • Metered, pay-as-you-go service

  • Google Cloud integrated billing

  • Consistent performance

  • Highly available

  • Flexible service levels

  • Encryption at rest

  • Snapshots and copies

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