Start a StratoZone assessment

To start a StratoZone assessment, fill in the assessment request form.

A Google Cloud representative handles your request and reaches out to schedule an initial call. After the call, your Google Cloud representative creates an account for you on the StratoZone portal.

As part of this process, you will receive an email from Follow the instructions provided in the email to download the StratoProbe installer onto your machine.

Security levels for collection

When creating the StratoProbe installer for you in your StratoZone account, your Google representative sets the security levels for data collection. Security levels determine which fields are omitted from the collection.

You cannot change StratoProbe security levels after the installation. Discuss security levels for data collection during the call with your Google representative.

StratoProbe offers three security levels.

  • Level 1. (Default.) This level provides you with the full details, including network dependencies and installed software. This level is required for the Database scan.
  • Level 2. StratoProbe replaces all the collected IP addresses with before sending them to the StratoZone portal. It does not provide network dependencies, since IP addresses are omitted. The rest of the collected data is sent to the portal as-is.
  • Level 3. StratoProbe replaces all the collected IP addresses with, and replaces all server and domain names with placeholder values before sending the data to the StratoZone portal.

When using Level 3 security, you can export a CSV file that allows you to map the placeholder server names back to the original server names. IP addresses and domains, however, cannot be recovered.

To learn how to export the CSV mapping, see Export security levels mapping.

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