What is Google Cloud Marketplace?

Google Cloud Marketplace is the fastest way for your customers to get started on Google Cloud (GCP). GCP Marketplace offers ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services to accelerate development, so your users spend less time installing and more time developing.

Benefits for your customers

Deploy in a few clicks Solutions are pre-configured with smart defaults and optimized to run on Google Cloud, so your customers can try your software quickly.
Production-ready solutions Many solutions support multi-VM and multi-resource deployments, ensuring the scale and reliability required of applications in production.
Augment platform capabilities Solutions pair well with existing GCP services like BigQuery.
Streamlined billing For many solutions, customers receive one bill for all of your solutions and services, as well as GCP services.
Built using Deployment Manager VM solutions are written using the Deployment Manager declarative template language. Every solution's unique template can be downloaded and modified.

Security update notifications Your customers receive notifications when a security update is available for one of your solutions.

Supported solutions

GCP Marketplace supports the following solution types:


If you want to offer solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace, you must meet the following requirements.

Your organization

  • Incorporated in the US
  • A US bank account
  • At least $1M in yearly revenue


  • You must be willing to commit resources to create and maintain the solutions that you list in GCP Marketplace, and provide timely support to customers.


Go to market

To learn about managing, differentiating, and promoting your solutions, read the GCP Marketplace go to market guide.

Integrate your solution with GCP Marketplace

For steps to integrate your solution with GCP Marketplace, see these sections:

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