Offering Kubernetes apps

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A Kubernetes app is a containerized app that your users can run on a Kubernetes cluster in Google Kubernetes Engine, or on their own infrastructure. The Kubernetes app that you submit to Cloud Marketplace is a bundle of container images, configuration files, and display metadata.

This page is an overview of what you need to do to distribute and maintain a containerized app on Cloud Marketplace. If you already have a Kubernetes app on Cloud Marketplace and want to learn about maintaining it, see the guidelines for maintaining your app after it's live.

For an overview of Kubernetes concepts, see the Kubernetes documentation.

If you are new to Google Kubernetes Engine, see the Google Kubernetes Engine overview, or try the Google Kubernetes Engine Quickstart.

Before you begin


At a high level, you must do the following:

  1. Create a public Git repository for your app's configuration, user guide, and other resources to run your app. You can host the repository with a provider such as GitHub, Cloud Source Repositories, or on your own server.

  2. Set up your Google Cloud environment.

  3. Review the pricing options, and select a pricing scheme.

    We recommend deciding on a pricing model and submitting it for processing before proceeding with the next steps. Pricing models might take up to two weeks to process. You can continue integrating and submitting your app while the pricing model is being processed.

  4. Create your app package, which must meet the technical requirements for the container images and configuration files that are part of your product.

  5. Submit the app to Cloud Marketplace. The Cloud Marketplace team reviews your app, which includes verifying that your app installs and uninstalls successfully, running unit tests, and scanning your containers for vulnerabilities using Container Analysis. After your app is reviewed, it is published on Cloud Marketplace.

  6. Review the guidelines for maintaining your product after it is live.

If you have questions during the onboarding process, contact your Cloud Marketplace Partner Engineer. If you don't know who your assigned Partner Engineer is, contact us at