Setting up your software as a service (SaaS) product for Google Cloud

This page describes the steps to set up your Google Cloud environment and add your product's details to Cloud Marketplace.

Setting up your Google Cloud environment

You must set up your Google Cloud environment so that you can distribute your SaaS product.

Creating your workspace

We recommend that you create a new project in the Google Cloud console primarily for your Cloud Marketplace products. For the project ID, use the format PARTNER_NAME-public. For information about creating projects, see Creating and managing projects.

If you already have a project for your current Cloud Marketplace products, you can re-use that project, and start creating your product in Producer Portal.

After you create your project, grant the following roles at the project level:

  • To the service account, grant the Project Editor and Service Management Administrator roles.

  • To the service account, grant the Config Editor (roles/servicemanagement.configEditor) role.

For steps to grant access to your project, see Granting, changing and revoking access to resources.

After you've granted project level roles, grant the following roles at the service level:

  • The Service Consumer role (roles/servicemanagement.serviceConsumer) and Service Controller role (roles/servicemanagement.serviceController), to

For steps to grant access at the service level, see Granting and revoking access to the API.

Submitting your product information

Before you begin setting up and integrating your product, we recommend that you complete the Cloud Marketplace Project Info Form. You only need to complete this form once.

After you have completed the form, your Partner Engineer gives you access to Producer Portal, and enables the Cloud Commerce Partner Procurement API and the Service Control API, which you use to integrate your product with Cloud Marketplace.

Creating your product in the portal

You use Producer Portal to add your product information, which includes your marketing information, pricing plan, and so on.

Your Partner Engineer enables Producer Portal for you after you have completed the Cloud Marketplace Project Info Form, provided by the Google Cloud Marketplace team.

To publish your product to Cloud Marketplace, you use Producer Portal to submit the following details:

  • Product Details: Add listing info and marketing info about your product.
  • Pricing: Specify your pricing model to determine how customers will pay for your product.
  • Technical Integration: Submit technical integration details for the SaaS product that you are offering through Google Cloud Marketplace.

You can submit these reviews individually, as you complete them. Some reviews might take up to two weeks for approval, so we recommend reviewing the requirements and getting started as early as possible.

At this stage, you only need to create the entry for your product in Producer Portal. You add your marketing information in later steps.

The direct link to Producer Portal is:

To create your product:

  1. Click Add product.

  2. Under Solution type, select SaaS.

  3. Under Product name, name your product and check the Product ID. By default, the Solution ID is used in the URL for your Cloud Marketplace listing. You can also customize the URL for your listing later, when you add your product details.

  4. Click Create. It might take a few seconds to create your product.

Adding product details

The product details include your product listing on Cloud Marketplace, marketing information, and links to documentation. You use Producer Portal to add your product details.

To add product details, complete the following steps:

Go to the Producer Portal:

To add product details:

  1. In the list of products, click the solution ID that you created.

  2. On the Overview page of your product, go to the Product details section and click EDIT.

  3. Complete the PRODUCT INFO tab of the Product details section. While completing PRODUCT INFO, you can add Category IDs. Category IDs allow customers to find your product under select categories or filters as they search Cloud Marketplace. You can select up to two Category IDs for a product.

  4. To add tutorials, documentation, and, optionally, additional license agreements, complete the DOCUMENTATION tab of the Product details section.

  5. To add search metadata or keywords, or to customize the URL of the details page for your product, complete the PRODUCT METADATA tab of the Product details section.

When you are ready to submit your product details for processing, click Submit. It takes approximately 2-5 days for the Partner Engineering team to review and approve your product details. You can start editing details now and submit the review later.