Google Maps APIs Premium Plan: Included APIs

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For SKUs that begin with GGB-, GM-, GPB-, or M4B-, please reference this included APIs document.

Unless otherwise specified on your order form, the following APIs are included with the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan:

** Note: Google Places API Web Service is not included with Asset Tracking licenses.

Usage rates

For consumption-based usage with the new Premium Plan, your application's requests to our APIs consume Maps APIs Credits at different rates from a common pool of credits that you purchase. The following table shows how many credits the different Maps API services consume.

Google Maps APIs Services Maps APIs Credits
JavaScript API map loads 1
Google Static Maps API, Google Street View Image API map loads 0.25
Mobile APIs (Android, iOS) map loads 1
Places API server-side (including Zagat) and client-side requests; excluding Autocomplete 2
Places API Autocomplete (server-side and client-side) requests 0.1
Web service APIs (server-side) requests: Geocoding, Directions, Distance Matrix (per element), Elevation, Geolocation, Timezone, Roads 0.25 (after included daily limit)
Client-side requests: Geocoding, Directions, Distance Matrix, Elevation 0.25 (after included daily limit)

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