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Google Maps API for Business - Included APIs

  1. The Maps API for Business licence agreement includes the use of the following API(s):
    1. Google Maps JavaScript API V3(
    2. Google Static Maps API V2 (
    3. Google Street View Image API (
    4. Google Earth API (
    5. Google Geocoding API V3 (
    6. Google Elevation API (
    7. Google Directions API (
    8. Google Distance Matrix API (
    9. Google Time Zone API (
    10. Google Maps and Earth Enterprise Deprecation Policy
    11. The Google Maps and Earth Deprecation Terms ("Policy") can be found here ( The following applies to the APIs listed above and supplements the Policy terms: Google will use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to operate the Service or the applicable APIs without these changes until the later of: (i) one year after the announcement or (ii) April 20, 2015, unless (as Google determines in its reasonable good faith judgment):
    12. a. required by law or third party relationship (including if there is a change in applicable law or relationship), or
    13. b. doing so could create a security risk or substantial economic or material technical burden
  2. The following APIs are available as upgrades to Maps API for Business:
    1. Google Maps Places API for Business (
    2. Google Maps Place Autocomplete API for Business (
    3. Google Maps Places library (
    4. Google Maps Geolocation API (
    5. Google Maps Mobile SDK for Business
  3. The following APIs have been deprecated and will only be supported for the duration of their deprecation period:
    1. Google Maps Geocoding API V2 (
      1. Deprecation announced: March 10, 2010
      2. Earliest retirement date: March 10, 2013
    2. Google Maps JavaScript API V2 (
      1. Deprecation announced: May 19, 2010
      2. Earliest retirement date: May 19, 2013
    3. Google Maps API for Flash (
      1. Deprecation announced: September 2, 2011
      2. Earliest retirement date: September 2, 2014
  4. The following APIs have been retired because their deprecation period is over:
    1. Google Maps Static Maps API V1
      1. Deprecation announced: August 25, 2009
      2. Retirement date: August 25, 2012

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