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Cloud Deploy

Cloud Deploy

Deliver continuously to Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, and Anthos.

  • Create deployment pipelines for GKE, Cloud Run, and Anthos

  • Fully managed continuous delivery service for easy scaling

  • Enterprise security and audit

  • Built-in delivery metrics

  • Snaps into your existing DevOps ecosystem

Cloud Deploy

Key features

Key features

Streamlined continuous delivery

Cloud Deploy makes continuous delivery to GKE, Cloud Run services and jobs, and Anthos easy and powerful. Define releases and progress them through environments such as test, stage, and production. Cloud Deploy provides easy one-step promotion and rollback of releases via the web console, CLI, or API. Built-in metrics enable insight into deployment frequency and success.

Fully managed single pane of glass

As a fully managed service, Cloud Deploy has no infrastructure to set up and manage, while providing scale-up and scale-down automatically to optimize cost and performance. This centralization also provides a single pane of glass to monitor and control release candidates organization-wide as they progress toward production.

Tightly integrated with Google Cloud

Cloud Deploy is the most integrated GKE, Cloud Run, and Anthos deployment platform available. Lockdown release progression via IAM, monitor release events with Cloud Logging, and achieve traceability with Cloud Audit Logs. Connect monitoring to deployed resources.

Integrates with the tools you love

Cloud Deploy can be integrated with popular DevOps tools such as CI and ticketing. Cloud Deploy brings Skaffold to your pipelines which, in unison with Cloud Code, brings pipeline parity across dev and CI/CD.

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Cloud Deploy offers a streamlined approach to create CI/CD pipelines using Skaffold, along with advanced features like canary deployment and verification. Additionally, it offers a unified developers’ experience for GKE and Cloud Run, making it easy to choose the most suitable platform for applications.

Jun Sakata - Head of Platform Engineering, Ubie



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