Resolve domain names or hostnames

DNS resolution is available in private instances running in Cloud Data Fusion version 6.7.0 or later. It lets you use hostnames or domain names for sources and sinks when you design your pipeline in a private Cloud Data Fusion instance so that you don't have to change the pipeline definition. Without it, you use hard-coded IP addresses, which are problematic when the addresses change in the event of a failover in highly-available deployments. DNS resolution is recommended when you design a pipeline in a private instance and want to retrieve schema, run previews, and wrangle.

For more information, see DNS resolution in Cloud Data Fusion.

Before you begin

Create a private Cloud Data Fusion instance in version 6.7.0 or later. You must set up VPC Network Peering in the instance.

Add DNS Peering to an instance

To resolve domain and hostnames with the DNS Peering API, call its create() method.

For more information and methods, see the Cloud Data Fusion DNS Peering API reference.

What's next