Deploy a plugin from the Cloud Data Fusion Hub

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This page describes how to deploy plugins from the Hub in Cloud Data Fusion. Plugins are customizable modules that extend the capabilities of Cloud Data Fusion.

Before you begin

Create a Cloud Data Fusion instance.

Add a plugin to an instance


  1. Go to the Cloud Data Fusion Instances page.

    Go to Instances

  2. Select the desired instance.

    The Instance details page opens.

  3. The instance must be upgraded to a version that supports the plugin.

  4. Open the instance. When the Cloud Data Fusion page opens, click Hub.

  5. Choose a plugin. For configuration details for each plugin, see the Plugin reference.

  6. Click Deploy.

    The plugin appears in the drop-down menu on the Cloud Data Fusion Studio page, based on the type of plugin it is (a Source, Transform, Analytics, Sink, Conditions and Actions, or Error Handlers and Alerts plugin).