Granting service account user permission

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This page describes how to grant the Dataproc Service Account User role to Cloud Data Fusion to allow it to provision and run pipelines on Dataproc clusters.

For service accounts that are used by Dataproc, you also need to grant datafusion.instances.runtime permission to access Cloud Data Fusion runtime resources.

Whether you use a user-managed service account, or the default Compute Engine service account on the virtual machines in a cluster, you must grant the Service Account User role to Cloud Data Fusion. Otherwise, Cloud Data Fusion cannot provision a Dataproc cluster and the following error appears when you execute a data pipeline:

PROVISION task failed in REQUESTING_CREATE state for program run [pipeline-name] due to Dataproc operation failure: INVALID_ARGUMENT: User not authorized to act as service account '[service-account-name]'

Get the service account name

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Identity and Access Management page.
    Go to the IAM page
  2. From the project selector at the top of the page, choose the project, folder, or organization to which the Cloud Data Fusion instance belongs.
  3. Find and copy the Cloud Data Fusion service account name. Use the following format: service-[project-number]

Grant service account user permission

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Service Accounts page.
    Go to the Service Accounts page
  2. Click Select a project, choose a project where the service account you want to use for the Dataproc cluster is located, and then click Open.
  3. Click the email address of the Dataproc service account.

  4. Click the Permissions tab. The page displays a list of principals that have been granted roles on the service account.

  5. Click Grant access.

  6. In the New principals field, paste the Cloud Data Fusion service account name that you previously copied.

  7. Select the Service Account User role.

    Service account user

  8. Click Save.

Grant roles to Dataproc service accounts

Grant runner role permission

Grant the Cloud Data Fusion runner role (roles/datafusion.runner) to service accounts that are used by Dataproc. This authorizes the Dataproc service account to run Cloud Data Fusion pipelines in your project. For more information, see Requiring permission to attach service accounts to resources.

Grant Cloud Storage admin permission

In Cloud Data Fusion versions 6.2.0 and above, grant the Cloud Storage admin role (roles/storage.admin) to service accounts that are used by Dataproc in your project.

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